April 7, 2006


An interesting discussion took place during the lecture on MMOG communities. A girl was pushing forth her argument that players who got kicked out of an online gaming community should not bother coming back. It’s just a game, why bother seeking recourse? What’s there to fight for? Move on.

(p.s. If I don’t get this exactly right, and this hot, sexy babe is reading this, don’t kill me!).

The lecturer, Sal Humphreys, was trying to tell her (henceforth know as the “hottie”) that these gamers have their own emotional and personal ties to the online communities. That although it’s just a game, the social relationships are real. Somehow, the hottie didn’t quite get it.

I respect hottie’s point of view, although I disagree with it. The sad thing is that she disagreed with Sal’s points and just didn’t seem to have any empathy for the gamers. I am not an online gamer, but I can understand their attachment. I worked as a trailer producer back in Singapore, and there are times when other people don’t appreciate my trailers or the ratings for the show turn out to be bad. I respect the outcome and opinions, but I’m still attached to my lousy trailer, not matter how flimsy it is to others. I have put in time and effort into scripting and editing this project, it is mine! Take constructive feedback, and improve next time. Similarly, anyone who’s ever written a poem, short story or done any creative work might feel attached to it no matter what others think.

The online games can be both a creative forum and a social community. Gamers build houses, landscapes and social groups in the virtual environment. The point is that people put in REAL time and effort in these games and they enjoy it. This might seem fake, silly or trivial to others, but to the gamers, it means a whole lot more!


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